Q&S Policies

Quality Policy

Our products are of several market leaders and well-known manufacturers around the world, where the quality is rigidly controlled in accordance with all appliances codes, standards and rules demanded by any project. We strictly abide by the quality with our utmost efforts in order to meet various customers’ requirements.

We achieve customer satisfaction by recognizing that quality is everyone’s direct responsibility because we are committed in providing the Highest Quality Works and Services, especially on-time delivery to our customers in the most competitive way. This is of fundamental importance to the continued success of National Industrial Group.

This is achieved through the efforts of each employee taking responsibility for the quality of their work and expecting the same high quality work from our suppliers and each other…

All employees through their various skills and expertise are expected to pursue and be continually involved in quality improvements to internal processes.

These objectives are supported by educating and training employees to ensure that they are aware of their contribution to, and the aims of, quality improvement. The work force is also encouraged continually through in-house training programs to create and maintain quality awareness culture throughout all the phases of the work at all the times. The manual forms a basis for quality control practice to the staff of National Industrial Steel Sources Co.

Safety Policy

General Procedure

The primary objective of this program is to promote general safety practices and to explain the needs and importance of the safety on site and prevention of accidents. Safety should be considered as a matter of prime importance.

Safety Plan of Action

In order to achieve the above mentioned goal the following courses of action should be put into effect.

  • Safety orientation of new employees.
  • Educate employees explaining in detail the necessity and importance of personal safety and that of equipment.
  • Maintain good housekeeping in all areas.
  • Enforce safety rules and regulations.
  • Organize accident prevention committee.
  • Hazard elimination through systematic inspection and use of protective gear and the right tools for an appropriate job.
  • Strict adherence to the loss prevention requirements of Saudi
  • Aramco’s safety standards and applicable to Saudi Arabian Laws

Method of Operating

(Trading Division)

Our experience has taught us to anticipate what the end-user is looking for and what does work best in a particular situation. NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL GROUP Supports our customer to know how the product works with applicable services, its advantage and how it best fits into our customer actual requirement. Knowledge of the product in advanced enables us to handle most situations. Hence, we are in the answer business .We envisage our customers’ question and we give the right answer with appropriate solution.

As a supplier of industrial Thermocouples, Thermo wells with instrumentation accessories and Pipes & Fittings, National Industrial Group. for Gen. Contracting & Trading handles only quality product lines .We will not dilute our effort by having competing lines, nor will we distract our focus by adding product lines in retail or hardware markets.

By having quality lines that work well together, we continue to increase our reputation as well as the reputation of the products we offer .We make sure each customer knows what product and service we offer.

NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL GROUP also has the ability and the desire to stock products that are mainly required by our customer and the market. This provides a great service and benefit that many traders do not offer as a stocking representative, our product have a local inventory that gives the customer instant access. By having many products on-hand it gives us the opportunity to learn a great deal it through actual hands-on investigation. Stocking products allows us immediate access to sample when needed.

Pre-Sale and Post - Sale Support

We do offer our customer both pre-sale and post-sale support.

Pre-Sale Support includes timely response to request for information and keeping the customer informed of current product update and job quotations. During the sale, NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL GROUP makes sure that each order is expedited and the customer is informed of its status.

Post-Sale Support includes follow –up calls as well as the help with installation and other obstacles that may occur. We also understand that will be problem from time to time, for which we have created a feedback system to deal with complaints in a timely and orderly fashion.