Engineering / Contracting / Construction

Engineering Contracting Construction

1. Civil
Civil construction work includes but is not limited to industrial earthwork projects, site grading and site roads in industrial area etc. All these projects involve heavy hauling of fill materials, riprap placement, grading, compaction and asphalting.
Civil Construction work further includes all types of buildings in traditional and/or concrete execution, renovation of buildings in all verities, pipe trenches, cable trenches, industrial safety guards, industrial concrete structural works, equipment foundations, piping supports (sleeper) demolition of concrete and steel structures and installation of perimeter security fences.

2. Electrical
Electrical construction work consists of all electrical switchgears, ups, cable wiring, overhead and underground distribution systems up to Low Voltages, including laying, termination and connection of cable and installation of poles, transformers, distribution cabinets meters and substation rooms etc…

3. Personnel Support Services
3.1 Manpower Sourcing Division
Besides being a contracting company, we do supply engineering, technical and personnel manpower to ARAMCO, SABIC& its Affiliate Companies, Saudi Electricity Company, different National and Multinational Companies. We have also been participants of innumerable turnaround jobs of SABIC Companies but indirectly.

3.2 Selection of Technicians / Crafts Selection of technical staff depends upon project requirements. Those project details are fed to the Personnel Manager who by then becomes aware of the job parameters required.
On receipt of the details, the Personnel Manager shall check the status of the current employees and their qualifications and experiences that are tallying with client’s specific requirements.
Once the Personnel Manager has felt the need for more technical manpower for that particular Project, he then brings up the matter to the higher-ups in the Company.

3.3 Requirement of Additional Manpower & Equipment
There have been occasions that project requirement exceeds the personnel & equipment available in the Company. We then move enquiries to our regular sub-contractors to procure manpower & equipment to cater our needs.

4. Mobilization
Once contracts signed with the client, the manpower, material & equipment will be mobilized to the site in coordination with the client according to schedule. Site engineers / supervisor will be assigned to perform the different task as per Construction Manager. Special representatives, as the need may arise, is posted in consultation with the client so as to liaise between the company and the client to look after the day-to-day affairs, such as, compliance to job specifications, safety rules and regulations.

5. Turnkey Project
After in-depth study of the Scope of Work, Business Dev. Manager will arrange appointment with client for proposed work site inspection; discuss exact work scope, nature and schedules. He then passes on the relevant portions to Quantity Surveyors and engineers to work out the cost, equipment and manpower. He consults the Personnel Manager towards requirements of manpower from within the company payroll and contractors. A comprehensive proposal is prepared and submitted to the client within the bid due date. Once the client accepts the proposal, Company will open a Site Office at the location allotted, and mobilize men and material for effective project implementation.

6. Warranty
NIG shall shoulder the responsibility of Total Quality Management of the work thus performed by them, and provide warranty for a limited time.

7. Specialized Disciplines
Manufacturing of LPG Cylinders,
For Domestic & Commercial Consumers
We have the experience and resources to address the shutdown requirements of schedule urgency, quality and safety. We have completed, from 1995 to 2006 over SAR 116.32 million of work in a totally satisfactory manner by its principal company in Pakistan.
During the development and manufacturing of various types of store, both for Industrial and Commercial use, we have been able to develop the wide and diversified technological base within our different industrial units and these are always ready and available for under taking challenging assignments as per the requirements of our valued customers. Some of the technologies available with us are:

  • Computer aided design
  • Machining & Grinding
  • Tool design and manufacturing
  • Aluminum welding and machining
  • Heat treatment
  • Casting and Forging
  • Jigs, Fixture and Gauges design and manufacture

The company has the most modem in-house test facilities and laboratories that enable us to maintain high standards of quality and reliability. Some of the test facilities available with us mentioned below:

  • Hardness testing
  • Rubber hardness testing
  • Calibration Systems

We are following the total quality management system and presently are in the process of orientation of our procedures as per the principles of ISO-9001 & 2000. We have been registered with Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and International quality standard companies as Industrial Parts and Equipments Manufacturer.

8. Shutdowns
NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL GROUP has within its senior management many years of experience covering oil, and petrochemical plant shutdowns; we are currently at a stage of to supply a skilled or non skilled manpower to complete the major shutdown jobs only.

9. Corrosion Control Works
  • Granite Blasting
  • Painting System

Within the wide spectrum of anti-corrosion technology, SPARKLINK has dedicated resources also towards the following areas:-Grit and high pressure water surface preparation, for both concrete and steel.
Application of specialized industrial coating including polymer modified cementations cutting, Epoxy coating and Urethanes.
Concrete repair and conventional removal methods, Core Drilling from 1” to 7” dia. by 50cm lg. drilling bit and above dia. Hole shall be drilled through our own technology. The management also has considerable experience of major earth stabilization using shot Crete.

10. Engineering & Technical Services (Our range of services includes)
At SPARKLINK, we revel in the challenge of meeting and exceeding your engineering needs. As a leader in the design and implementation of industrial process control systems, our solutions address your short and long-term requirements, enabling you to gain and hold the competitive advantage well into the future.
  • Projects Design and Development
  • Drafting and Detailing / Shop Drawings
  • Fabrication and Erection / Installation
  • Third-Party NDT & Inspection / Expediting
  • Equipment Failure Analysis / Maintenance
  • Machining (Tools & Die) and Commissioning